Get Involved

It doesn’t take a lot to bring a smile on the face of a child. It is our sincere dedication to help maintain that smile, all along the journey of growth and education, in the lives of these children.  In our endeavor to provide the possible for the children, there are some projects that need immediate attention. Come; shoulder our eagerness and dedication, to bring about a life-long change in the lives of these future ‘shapers’ of our society at large.

We are seeking help in order to meet the needs of the children whom we work with. We have operations in various locations & many children are benefiting from our programs – enabling them to stand on their own feet. For your perusal, we assure that these projects would be used exclusively for the development of the orphan & destitute children.


Vineyard Home is a home for destitute, orphans and socially exploited children. We provide a homely environment, education and tools that would nurture their future. Currently there are 42 children at Vineyard Children’s Home and this number is expected to increase. In our Home, semi orphans and totally helpless children are admitted. They are provided food, shelter, clothing, medicine and education. As far as girls are concerned they are kept protected and looked after in the home till they are married/independent, and for boys till they are able to find employment & thus take up personal & family responsibilities.

2) Child development center

A total of 300 children are taken care in the operational locations mentioned above. The economic conditions of the people in the communities we serve are very poor. Many of them live in unhygienic condition and most of them work as daily waged laborers, house maids and other domestic works. Poverty at its extreme can be noticed in these communities. The communities are filled with many social evils such as illiteracy, ignorance, alcoholism, child labor, communal problems, child marriage, immoral living and even child abuse.

Our vision is to empower the children for a better and a safe living. The parents will also be empowered with different skills and training to improve their income and reduce the burden of the family which will in gives a better future for the child

3) Let’s celebrate together – It is our attempt to celebrate and recognize the events in the lives of our children & staff. Be it birthdays, seasonal celebrations or any other achievements – it gives immense joy to celebrate it together. Come, be a part of our joyous moments or make us a part of your unforgettable moments. We would love to bring more smiles & memories to all the wonderful events that both, we & you, are blessed with.

4) Contribute – There are more ways than just sponsoring or giving ‘cash support’ to help impact lives of the children. You can provide for their daily necessities – clothes, food items, toiletries or even take up small projects. From ration support to stationery – there are lots of avenues where a small contribution can help us go a long way!

5) Volunteer: There are many ways you can become part of the Home & support our work – whether you have time, money, knowledge or skills to share. By sharing your time, energy & skills with the Home children, you can help us change the lives of children. Whether you have just one hour to give, or can help us on a regular basis, we need you!