Summer Vacations and Fun

May and June are the favorite months of our children because of summer holidays and extended game sessions.

But this month of May was a bit different for us. We welcomed two very young members to the Vineyard family- Munesh and Laxmi. Munesh is 7 years old and Laxmi is 5 years old.

As soon as the summer vacations started the children were ready with their bats and balls. They had an early morning cricket sessions each day. Have a look at their excitement.

During the evening the kids played some fun games on the terrace.

Then came the most hated part of the summer holidays and that’s ‘Holiday Homework’, but with the help of teachers even this part turned out to be an interesting one for them. These teachers were infact volunteers who help our kids with their studies from time to time.

Cake, candles, wishes? Yes! It was Nikhil’s birthday on June 10th memories. Birthdays always bring a lot of joy and memories. Then how could we forget to celebrate his birthday.

Our kids were also involved in other recreational activities such as the Teens Camp organized by our church.

Their schools have reopened so do remember them in your prayers. For frequent updates on what’s going on at Vineyard Home like our facebook page.