Schools have reopened

From early morning cricket matches to movies to trip to zoo- the summer vacations (May and June) of our children have been a lot of fun! Take a look into their interesting lives for a bit.

Team Meeting!!


Our children’s days began with amazing cricket matches which is their favorite sport.


Educational trips

As the weather in Delhi in the months of May and June can harm the children, we were able to take them to the zoo and Taj Mahal. On one hand, all the older children enjoyed the beauty and grandeur of Taj Mahal whereas, the younger lot loved seeing different animals in the zoo.


Meet our new family members

Four new children have been added to our Vineyard home family. All the children were very happy and excited to welcome them. So, say hello to all our new children. Here they are:

From the top left Aditya, Victor, Subhanshu and Divyanshi.