Our Family

We are currently taking care of 38 orphan children. Over the year 2012 – 2014, we have had 14 intakes and 7 children who have left us. There are two different homes for boys and girls respectively and a team of dedicated staff. At our homes we do our best to provide a well suited homely environment to meet the needs of each child. Our focus is to give them individual attention and that is why we have limited intakes. The goal of our homes is to transform these lives that we are responsible for by giving them love, good education, proper health care and fulfilling their dreams.

Our children study in a private school, The Saviour’s School which follows the CBSE syllabus and is government recognized. We also have a program for volunteers who would like to tutor them on a regular basis. Most of these kids are outstanding in their studies. We believe in providing the best education for fulfilling their dreams and widening their visions.

A system is in place for regular health check up and we have Dr. Nilin Aggarwal, Noida who is the usual doctor. We emphasize on nutritious food and are very strict on junk foods given by our donors. Certain kids have calcium deficiency and they are given special attention. We encourage our children to play sports for physical development and these kids love playing football or cricket. In the past years, we have been blessed with sport utilities by our donors.