About us

Pr. Varghese Thomas

Dr. Varghese Thomas, a visionary from the southernmost part of India, in the early 1987, started ‘Mission to the Unreached’ (MTU) in Himachal Pradesh, India. Consequently the work was reorganized & moved to National Capital Region in 1991. Presently it has its head office at New Ashok Nagar, Delhi. In the year 1994, MTU had introduced various branches of its activities such as Leadership centers, Literacy Centers, Children’s Clubs and Literature work. In the year 1994, it got involved into Children ministry – by providing education to the slums children. Seeing the abandoned children, an orphanage was started in the year 1999, which also led to the opening of a formal school i.e. Savior’s School. MTU also provided one-time-meal & formal education for this neglected section of the society.

India has the largest children population in the world — 375 millions, which is 40 % of its total population. 69% of this population (that is 2 out of every 3 child) in India is a victim of Physical, Emotional & Sexual abuse. The abuse rate in Delhi is 83%. 70 % of all such crimes against children go unnoticed & 89% of all these crimes are inflicted upon these young ones, by none other than their own family members or relatives. The objective of our charity work is to help the orphans & poverty-stricken children. Every day, more children die from starvation & diseases than those who died during the 9/11 attack. 1 US dollar is equal to 48 US dollars, for a third-world country. The children in our country suffer, daily, from malnutrition & diseases, making it almost impossible for them to reach a stable or healthy adulthood. It is our mission to help these poor, orphaned & down-trodden children & provide for their physical, emotional and all round growth requirements.

Mission To the Unreached (MTU) started the ‘Vineyard Home’ in July 1999. Vineyard Home is registered with the Social Welfare Development and is a home for destitute, orphan & socially-exploited children. Objective of this activity is to provide Indian orphans a homely environment & education that will nurture them towards a brighter & fruitful future. In July 1999, two large apartments were rented in NOIDA, a suburb town of Delhi, India for the same.

The mission also runs a project (The Child Development Centre) for children from the economically weaker sections of the society. The Child Development Centre was founded in 2000 & presently 200 children are the benefactors of this project. Our aim is to help these children to grow in spiritual, educational, social and physical aspects. The center provides the children with school fees, study materials, uniforms, food & access to medical facilities.